Puja Thali Decoration at home

Though people often relate Diwali to the crackers, lights and sweets, the most important aspect of the Diwali is the Lakshmi-Ganesh Puja.

In order to accumulate the entire Puja material, it is always advisable to arrange them into a Puja Thali. Though many varieties are available in market, decorating a puja thali by oneself is also a good idea. Decorating a puja thali is not a very tedious task; it’s quite easy and can be done in few hours.

Here’s how you should go about it:

  1. Take a thali of your choice, made of steel, silver, or a wooden base. This thali could be in various shapes like round, oval or any other.
  2. Paint the thali using acrylic colour. Apply two to three coats and allow the paint to dry.
  3. Glue lace along the sides.
  4. Draw an outline using glitter glue / 3d outliner.
  5. Add bold designs around the center. Be creative and paint designs as you please.
  6. You can add metallic coloured decorated diyas at center.
  7. Paint decorative outer design and a motif at the center. For thalis, you can paint the ‘Om’ symbol or a decorative diya at the center in metallic acrylic colours.
  8. Outline the designs using sparkle glue and stick kundan or plastic gems to add a rich look to the thali.
  9. After the paint dries, apply a coat of varnish and allow it to dry.
  10. Now you put all the necessary puja ingredients on thali
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    like roli, incense sticks, flowers, betel leaf, mouli, diyas etc.

You can experiment with your puja thali and make it with water paints, Rangoli colours, flower petals, betel leaves or coloured rice grains & vermillion. You can even gift your creations.

So, game for making your unique puja thali? Share with us your ideas and tips on the same.

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